Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chicken Souvlaki @ LA Grill

quick snap of the chicken souvlaki at LA Grill

LA Grill and Bistro
8100 No 2 Rd
Richmond, BC V7E1J5
(604) 277-8355

-after 8:30pm all appetizer and entrées 50% off, there was a long linup when coming out at 8:45pm but don't know when this deal will last till
-it's the place to go if you want cheap and filling dinner

Style: West Coast, Grill Food, American
Visited on: May 24, 2012

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lunch @ Parklane Chinese Restaurant 百樂潮州酒家

Update Apr 2014: Now one of the regular places i go for dim sum

short summary is whole table of 3 got minor food poisoning (stomach ache) after eating there. likely the deep fried fish was not fresh. the fried noodle was good but likely may not visit for a period of time even though they just opened

the suspicious fried fish which might have caused the food poisoning
fried noodle

Parklane Chinese Restaurant 百樂潮州酒家
200 London Plaza, 7997 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC
(604) 273-0888

Style: chiu chow (潮州菜), seafood (海鮮)
Visited on: May 23, 2012

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Afternoon Tea @ LuvCravings

saw this place putting an ad and article in a local chinese magazine and was attracted by it. a friend heard that the owner had a passion to start a cafe for a long time
filled with sets for 3 people
velvet cupcake, chocolate mousse, chocolate coated strawberry
the mousse was too heavy to finish
strawberries were huge and sweet even though not in the season, the best out of the 3
scones (cheese and earl gray) and quiches
prefer the earl gray one as it was lighter than the cheese
nothing too special
tray of tea samples but there were a ton more to choose from
the menu we chose, the other one has more items for more $

tea set area

4018 Cambie St 
Vancouver, BC V5Y2H5
(604) 563-1818

-the atmosphere was modern and cozy, especially since the afternoon tea sets were served in a different area
-everything was pre-made so reservation is necessary, they dropped one of the quiches and had to replace with another scone, if you want specific items from the menu you have to mention in reservation
-hard to say if i want to revisit just for the tea set as the food was average and nothing surprising
-can see that the owner (assuming) is really interested in tea as one of us wanted coffee instead of tea but she replied that coffee's taste would be too strong and defeat the purpose of the tea set, but she said she would still offer it to us if we really wanted it
-server was superb, offered us a ton of teas to smell before finally settling done on one, she really knows her teas
-instant 10% discount if you like their facebook page, also got free scratch and wins at the end for next visit
-free parking in back and close to King Edward Station

Style: tea, sandwiches 
Visited on: Mar 6, 2013

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming Soon - Five Guys

seems like it will open in a month or so. gotta love their free peanuts

Five Guys
605 Robson Street 
Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3

for the time being, can visit the one in Bellingham

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moleskine - Lego + Peanuts

moleskine have been collaborating with other brands for quite a while and the lego one really caught me. bought the peanuts one as well as the price was reasonable. like the hard cover and quality of paper

brick sticking out makes cover uneven and harder to write

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Globe @ YVR

most people living in vancouver will probably rarely visit the Fairmont at the airport. saw a groupon from teambuy for $36 in june and decided to give it a try. previously have tired the downtown one and it was the same price groupon offered by dealfind. the airport one however offered additional sparking wine. the most recent groupon even included 2 free hour parking which would have been a much better offer. first time i tried booking was on a holiday and was rejected. this time was a weekday and had no problems booking

tea set
fruit starter
quite plain, no real fruity taste
weird that they just soaked it in red water
would be nice if it was sugary water instead
sparking wine
tea samples for you to smell
tea temperature lasted till the very end

Globe @ YVR (Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel)
3111 Grant McConachie Way
Richmond, BC V7B 1M8
(604) 248-3281

-place was quite quiet with only 3 tables and 1 server, we were the only ones eatting the tea set
-great place to relax while watching planes landing on the runway
-we were free to choose wherever we wanted to sit
-parking is a big hassle as its expensive, best to skytrain in
-comparing to the downtown tea set, this one was more casual and modern while the other was more elegant and classy
-if there was no group/discount, i would never come again due to location inconvenience

Style: tea, sandwiches
Visited on: Oct 22, 2012

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lunch @ Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家

this is the second most frequent dim sum place i go to in east van. quite packed on weekends as there are a limited amount of chinese restaurants around. the renovation really made this place look more upscaled and made me enjoy coming more, didn't really like this place before

black sesame roll
not chewy enough
Pine House bakery makes them better
pineapple bun with bbq pork
rice rolls with fish paste
fried yam and taro
nice dessert that's not too sweet
taro is very soft and powdery
mushroom dumpling

Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家 
2881 Grandview Hwy 
Vancouver, BC V5M 2E1 
(604) 430-6808

-hard to find parking in their mall
-some unique dim sums 

Style: chinese (中式), seafood (海鮮) 
Visited on: Oct 21, 2012

Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon